August Down the Shore

The sand is hot, the ocean is bathtub warm, the sun is sparkling. The beach is painted with seashells, and the waves can bring a harvest of seaweed, even  jellyfish.

This is August Down the Shore. And it’s heaven.


Black Jack Jetty Survives Irene

The big house on the Black Jack Jetty has survived ‘noreasters and hurricanes for almost a hundred years. This was certainly a big blow but the family but the Margate took it well. The day after the storm was sunny and clear…just another day down the Shore.


Five soldiers killed in Iraq

In A Boy’s Journey Through Grief Jack’s soldier father is killed in a roadside explosion. There was no political statement intended…and there still isn’t. But I will make a human statement that the cost of two wars in lives ended or irrevocably damaged is staggering and being paid by too few people…the military. It’s time to come home.

Evening at The Ballpark with The Moyer Foundation

Last night I had the privledge to participate The Moyer Foundation’s even at The Moyer Foundation’s Evening at the Ballpark at Citizen’s Bank Field in Philadelphia. There were hundreds of people in the Diamond Club where Karen and Jamie Moyer hosted an auction to raise money for the 40 Camp Erins across the country. There were children who attend the Philadelphia Camp Erin, counsulors, sponsors, celebrities, friends and fans. Helping children in distress is the mission of The Moyer Foundation.

Mr. Moyer is a passionate man. We overheard a conversation between him and a high school ballplayer who asked for advice. “It’s all from here up,” says Moyer pointing to the boys shoulders and head. “How you handle failure will determine how far you go.” In roomful of people waiting for a moment with the star pitcher, he spent quality time with the young man. 

Class act. Jane and I sat at a table with a woman who went to high with Jamie and followed his career (she brought all of his baseball cards). He came over and said I know you. They hugged and took a few pictures. Class act.

I’ve never been prouder of The Moyer Foundation’s endorsement of A Boy’s Journey Through Grief.

A Timely Novel

“While this book will not take the place of a loving adult or therapist, it can be one way to help children talk about their feelings, ” says Wendy Smith-D’Arezzo, Loyola College, Baltimore, MD in a review for The School Library Journal in April, 2011. She continues, referring to the notes at the tale’s end that talk directly to children who have lost a parent about what to expect.  Author’s Note: Those valuable pages were written by American Psychological Association.

Looking to Submit Cousins and Robbers

I’m looking for publisher and probably a literary agent to represent Cousins and Robbers. It appears to be an overwhelming process, tougher than writing the book: at least with the book I have a certain amount of control (characters and plot often choose their paths) but this project is subject to the wind.

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